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Data Migration

Data Migration Migrating data between legacy platforms, moving to a new platform, or from site to site can be highly disruptive to business.  Only FreeStor offers quick, reliable, and non-disruptive movement of data across storage environments - physical, virtual, or hybrid - WITHOUT downtime.

FreeStor’s patented, award-winning Intelligent Abstraction ® decouples storage hardware, networks, and protocols, enabling the free flow of data and common services between the front-end and the back-end, regardless of environment or location for a more efficient and available data pool.

  • Reduce costs by moving data to the most-effective storage tier, manage capacity across the entire environment, both physical and virtual
  • Move data easily across heterogeneous storage platforms, eliminating vendor lock-in and proprietary storage platform “silos”
  • Lowers complexity by managing, optimizing and maintaining your storage environment from a single-pane-of-glass regardless of storage technology or location
  • Our patented,  MicroScan™ WAN optimization technology ensures that replication is fast and efficient while reducing costs

Let FreeStor speed you on your way with the flexibility to react to changing business needs quickly.


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