FalconStor Certification Matrix

The FalconStor Certification Matrix outlines all of the hardware and software certified to work with FalconStor products. This matrix is constantly being updated, so please check back frequently for updates. 

Note: Our matrix is dependent upon the vendor's compatibility with supported operating systems. Please contact the vendor for their list of supported operating systems.

Server Hardware
A list of certified servers that can be used with FalconStor products.

Recovery Hardware for FalconStor RecoverTrac
A list of hardware certified for use with the FalconStor RecoverTrac tool.

Disk Storage Devices
A list of certified disk arrays that can be used for virtualized storage with FalconStor products.

A list of certified fabric switches that can be used with FalconStor products.

FalconStor CDP, FreeStor, and NSS: Operating Systems
A list of operating systems that has been certified for FalconStor CDP, FreeStor, and NSS servers, clients, and agents.

FalconStor CDP, FreeStor, and NSS: Third-Party Applications and Databases
A list of enterprise management software, database and application software, and backup software certified for use with FalconStor CDP, FreeStor, and NSS.

FalconStor Optimized Backup (VTL & NAS): Operating Systems, Tape Devices, and Backup Software
A list of tape libraries, tape drives, compression cards, server platforms, and backup software certified with FalconStor VTL and FalconStor SIR.

FalconStor FDS: Operating Systems and Backup Software
A list of supported operating systems for backup, archiving, and database backup software certified with FalconStor FDS.

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