The "Four Pillars of FreeStor" Video Series

FalconStor has created this video series to help you explore each of the four main functional areas (“Pillars”) of FreeStor®. We call this video series "The Four Pillars of FreeStor”. Join Tim Sheets, VP of Marketing at FalconStor and Scott Lowe, Founding Partner at ActualTech Media, as they talk in-depth about each of the “Pillars” – Migration & Data Mobility, Continuity, Protection & Recovery and Optimization. Each of the four Pillar videos has a corresponding White Paper that discusses the topics in the video.

The "Four Pillars of FreeStor" Video Series: Introduction

This video introduces the "Four Pillars of FreeStor" Video Series, each of which examines one of the key aspects, or "Pillars" of FreeStor's capabilities - Migration and Data Mobility, Continuity, Optimization, and Protection and Recovery.


The "Four Pillars of FreeStor" Video Series: Migration and Data Mobility

FreeStor offers one platform for legacy and virtual platforms. Migration and Data Mobility features discussed in this video include:

  • Migration from array to array, clusters, or site to site
  • Converged services let you control data movement
  • WAN-optimized and space-efficient replication lowers costs
  • Heterogeneous storage, protocols, system, and application support


The "Four Pillars of FreeStor" Video Series: Continuity

With FreeStor, data is always on when needed and is performance-optimized. Continuity-related features discussed in this video include:

  • Absolutely minimal downtime lowers costs and enhances productivity
  • Data is active to, from, and across storage sites and is 99.99% proactive
  • Local, active-active, and multi-site storage versatility
  • Variable topology deployment allows performance and scale to meet business needs


The "Four Pillars of FreeStor" Video Series: Protection & Recovery

FreeStor allows data recovery anywhere via mobile or tablet interface. Protection and Recovery features discussed in this video include:

  • Policy-based, auditable, validated recovery
  • Full integration allows recovery to and from physical, virtual, or mixed environments
  • Provides peace of mind that data is protected and fully recoverable
  • Bootable and mobile snapshots for instant recovery, test/development environments, etc.


The "Four Pillars of FreeStor" Video Series: Optimization

FreeStor’s optimization with deduplication reduces storage costs and increases backup efficiency.

  • Assume greater control over data and heterogeneous IT infrastructure
  • Gain consistent, global deduplication across your storage infrastructure
  • Turn on deduplication as needed
  • Virtualize all shared storage into a common resource pool with unified services


The "Four Pillars of FreeStor" Video Series: Price

Although we only talk of having Four Pillars of FreeStor, price is really the Fifth Pillar of FreeStor. The innovations brought to market by FreeStor aren't limited to the technical capabilities of this award-winning Software Defined Storage (SDS) product. 

FreeStor also introduces a "No Surprises" subscription model, to fight these cost challenges faced by IT buyers today. Let's face it, conventional pricing models are NOT in your favor.  Other SDS Vendors:

  • Force you to pay by the feature vs. your consumption of the product
  • Lock you into their technology and unpredictable support costs
  • Have a low entry price, but then have crushing costs on renewals and upgrades


The "Four Pillars of FreeStor" Video Series: Conclusion

With the  release of FreeStor™, FalconStor gives customers the power to seamlessly migrate, recover, protect, and optimize data—on or off the cloud—without tying their business to specific hardware, networks, or protocols. This video wraps up the Four Pillars of FreeStor series.


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