Predictive Approach

Predictive Approach Today’s Enterprises are pushing harder than ever to drive down storage costs, while at the same time, increasing their reliance on having an “always-on” storage infrastructure that supports the business. They realize that to be competitive, they must be predictive and proactive, and not just fall back on “break and fix”, reactive approaches.

Advanced analytics is a technology whose time has come. The good news is that organizations realize the importance of deploying unified platforms and taking a predictive approach to analytics. The bad news, in the form of high costs from storage vendors for the necessary hardware and licensing, means that most organizations are stuck somewhere in between the technology vision and today’s reality.

Now, FreeStor delivers on the promise of an integrated, predictive approach to analytics at a cost you can afford. It combines Enterprise-class software-defined, intelligent data services with predictive analytics across any primary or secondary storage hardware, in the cloud or on-premises, to help you predict, prevent and troubleshoot storage utilization problems and bottlenecks before your users are impacted.

  • Greater Insight - Stop guessing and start using real-time information across your entire storage infrastructure
  • Better Performance - Easily identify hotspots and bottlenecks to optimize performance and availability
  • Control costs - Predict capacity utilization and plan for growth, across ALL storage

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