The promise…and the reality of Flash Environments

Flash Environments While many Enterprise IT teams have had their eye on moving latency-sensitive applications and data to all-flash arrays, this has been priced out of reach until very recently.  Now that prices have dropped, will the entire data center ever become all-flash? If it does, the storage footprint of data centers will shrink dramatically, and the number of virtual machines per physical host will grow exponentially.

But the reality is that, while all-flash arrays have proven themselves highly effective for very specific workloads (databases, virtual servers, virtual desktops), these are the slowest growing data sets, in most cases. The fastest data growth is happening with general, unstructured data that users rely on every day. While a limited number of data sets can gain some advantage from the raw performance of an all-flash array, these cases are few and far between. Therefore, for the foreseeable future most data centers will be (at best) “mostly flash” but not all-flash. There will be a need for at least one more tier of storage - a local high-capacity storage array, a private cloud object storage system, or perhaps a public cloud provider.

Dealing with Heterogeneous Storage Environments

FreeStor addresses the business, technical and operational challenges of managing a storage infrastructure that includes a mixture of several different storage technologies and devices.  FreeStor gives you the freedom to choose the right physical storage platform based on the price/performance your business requires and delivers greater efficiencies, reduced downtime, lower costs, and improved simplicity in a way no other vendor can do today.

Whether you are using physical, virtual or even cloud-based storage, with FreeStor it doesn’t matter. We can connect to almost any platform and type of storage, so you can use existing storage more efficiently, as well as merge in new technology and platforms, such as flash and NVMe without creating yet more silos to manage.

  • Modernize existing environments with less disruption by moving workloads to the new platform vs. starting over with a “greenfield” deployment
  • Easy data migration to, from, and across storage platforms and technologies
  • Freedom to choose the best price/performance hardware for your data
  • Reduce costs with common data services across all types of storage infrastructure; simplified pricing vs. licensing and managing array by array
  • Centralized management and predictive analytics for real-time heterogeneous monitoring and management – locally and remotely – regardless of the underlying storage technology
  • Significantly increase single instance performance using qualified NVMe storage

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