Intelligent Abstraction

Intelligent Abstraction At FalconStor, we believe that technology enables solutions to address and solve business problems. Technology by itself is not a solution. To that end, virtualization can help create an environment to gain better efficiencies from physical resources. With our Intelligent Abstraction approach, we take that a step further to deliver real, tangible benefit to IT organizations. 

We do that in 3 fundamental ways.


At the core of our technology, we virtualize underlying physical storage, in-part or in-full, to create a unified storage pool. Sure, Virtualization is not new, but is a key enabling technology that delivers better utilization of resources that eliminates silos and helps re-capture stranded or under-utilized storage resources. 


From that storage pool, we abstract the provisioning of storage, regardless of vendor, type (flash, disk, etc.) or location (local, remote, multi-location).  Taking this abstracted approach allows us to dramatically simplify the complexities of shared storage environments through our centralized GUI. In as few as five clicks of a mouse, storage can be deployed. No unique expertise or extensive training is required and a significant decrease in the time and steps it takes vs. using traditional, platform specific approaches.


Apply common, unified data services and orchestrate to the client application or Operating System. Gone are the days of having to setup and deploy data services such as snapshots or replication array by array.  Each with its own license, interface and tools. That only increases cost and complexity.  With FreeStor, a single pane of glass delivers a common interface to deploy data services in a simple, consistent manner regardless of the underlying storage type, vendor or location.

Value that delivers REAL-WORLD Results

  • TIME - Takes up to 90% less time and resources to manage storage infrastructure
  • COST - Reduces data services licensing costs – license once across infrastructure vs platform by platform
  • BUDGET - Better utilization of existing storage resources means less storage is required, consuming less of your budget dollars and data center space
  • OPERATIONS - Eliminate silos and complexity to allow administrators to effectively manage more storage resources per person

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